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Premiere pro is a redesigned successor to Adobe Premiere that was first launched in 2003. It is one of the first computer based NLEs (non-linear editing system), with its first release on MAC in 1991. Premiere Pro supports high resolution video editing at up to 10,240 × 8,192 resolution, at up to 32-bits per channel color, in both RGB and YUV. Audio sample-level editing, VST audio plug-in support, and 5.1 surround sound mixing are available.

How to import and play videos and convert videos using export feature in Adobe Premiere Pro CC
For print tutorial on Proper way in manually import videos to a timeline
on Adobe Premiere Pro CC
in PDF format click here.
For print tutorial on How to de-interlace video footage using Adobe Premiere Pro CC in PDF format click here.

Double click on the video to make the video full screen.

How to convert video file formats into another compatible codec using Adobe Media Encoder CC
For print tutorial on How to convert video files into other formats using Adobe Media Encoder CC
in PDF format click here.

Double click on the video to make the video full screen.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC File Format Compatibility

You can import and work with the following video, audio, and still-image formats in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Click on the boxes on the right to see if the video, audio, image or container format is compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro CC. All of these file format compatibilities works with the latest version of Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Format Details
3GP, 3G2 (.3gp)  
Apple ProRes 64-bit Import only on Windows
ASF   Netshow (Windows only)
AVI (.avi) DV-AVI, Microsoft AVI Type 1 and Type 2
DV (.dv) Raw DV stream, a QuickTime format
DNxHD Supported in native MXF and QuickTime wrappers
F4V (.f4v) Import only
GIF (.gif) Animated GIF
M1V MPEG-1 Video File
M2T Sony HDV
M2TS Blu-ray BDAV MPEG-2 Transport Stream, AVCHD
M4V MPEG-4 Video File

QuickTime Movie format

Note: Windows requires QuickTime player

MP4 QuickTime Movie, XDCAM EX
M2V   DVD-compliant MPEG-2

Media eXchange Format

MXF is a container format that supports:  

  • P2 Movie: Panasonic Op-Atom variant of MXF video in DV, DVCPRO, DVCPRO 50, DVCPRO HD, AVC-Intra
  • XDCAM HD Movie
  • Sony XDCAM HD 50 (4:2:2)
  • Avid MXF Movie
  • Native Canon XF

Note: You can preview Native Canon XF files in the Media Browser,
and the use of metadata is supported.

Native MJPEGs 1DC

Windows Media, Windows only

Note:  Render Type 1 AVI clips before previewing from a DV device.
To render a Type1 AVI clip, add it to a sequence in a DV project, and preview it.

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