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Student Showcase

firefoxName: Mark Boniol
Educational Background: History, Foreign Languages and Literature
Brief Work History: Entrepreneur, Sales & Marketing
Languages Spoken: English
Hobbies: Traveling, eating new foods.


Mark is a student from an American University majoring in Asian Studies. He likes to study Asian languages and culture. Mark enjoyed his study abroad in China and hopes go back and continue his adventure.

Is this your first time in China?
No, I first came to China on a 6 week trip to study Chinese Culture and Mandarin.

Why did you decide to participate in studying abroad in China?
I’ve always been fascinated with Chinese culture and history.

How did you like Beijing?
Beijing is the most interesting city I have ever experienced. The people here are very nice and willing to help a guy like me without Chinese language skills.

What did you find most interesting in Beijing?
The cross section of people from across China and throughout the world.

Tell us a few memorable experiences in Beijing/China?
Traveling to other cities like Pingyao and Harbin with classmates was a highlight of my experience in China.

How has your experience in China changed you?
It definitely has given me a new perspective on China’s global impact both economically and politically.

What is the thing you like best about Beijing/China?
Probably the transportation system. It seems to be very dependable for a city the size of Beijing. It’s very inexpensive, so it allows you to go out and explore the sights and sounds of the city.

Will you go to China/Beijing again?
Yes, I would make China my new home.

What advice or tips would you give to others who plan to study in China?
Come with realistic expectations about what you want to accomplish. Immerse yourself in the social life and culture of Beijing and enjoy China!